Thursday, February 4, 2010

Morning, GTA, Girls

Alison's room. I won't apologize for the perspective.

Yesterday, I started playing GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony. This is Luis Lopez in a cage match. What a violent video game, my lord!

These girls were done at the Art Directors Guild workshop on Tuesdays. I noticed that whenever I start a drawing I begin at the upper left hand corner. No matter if it's a head, body or a landscape I begin whatever is most upper left. I have a few theories on why I do this. One idea is because people who read English begin at the upper left and move right. I might have the same mentality when I begin drawing. Another reason is because I draw with my right hand and want to start on the left so I don't smear my drawing as I go. These are just ideas, I'm no scientist.
For these figure drawings I started drawing in random places. Some I started on the right toes just to be an opposite. I find drawing this way a lot more fun because I'm not using the same approach and making the same mistakes.

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