Saturday, December 12, 2009

Negative Space Exercise #1

For this exercise I had to draw the negative space around an object. After I drew the space around the chair, I filled in the chair details. I did this kind of quick while watching Home Alone 2, so I may do another.


  1. Rely more on value contrast between the background and the object, and less on the lines you choose to outline the form with. Lines tend to make the object seem independent from it's environment and are exactly what you do not need if you are relying upon negative space to define something.

  2. Yo Charles. The lines I chose do not outline the form, they outline the negative space around and between the form. I understand what you mean when you say the chair seems independant from it's environment. I can see how this may not look like a negative space drawing because I used line instead of contrast of value to define the negative space. I still approached it by outlining the negative space as if I would have outlined the chair. As I drew I didn't think "this is a chair leg or this follows this line of perspective." I thought "this line swoops this way and this shape is this wide." My mental process was focused on the negative form.

    The book instructions say to do this exercise similarly to the hand exercise and draw on the plastic view finder. I'll do it that way and post it as my next exercise.