Thursday, March 13, 2014

Animal Robot

Last night for dinner I was craving fish & chips. Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena has the ones I like. I went for fish and a pint, it's what guys do.
The waitress saw my sketchbook and asked if I was part of the 'sketch club?' "No, but now I'm curious." She said they were outside, I grabbed my pint and sneakily made my way outside to scope things out. I wasn't very sneaky because I heard someone call my name immediately stepping foot outside the door. Who other than the talented Victoria Ying and her equally talented husband Mike Yamada! They were joined by the amazing Arthur Fong and background master Juan Garrido. It was a very nice surprise!
After squeezing myself into their club, Vicky started a game where everyone has to write down what they hate to draw. Naturally I wrote 'Horses.' F- horses.
The paper I drew out of the hat said 'Animal Robot,' and I was quite happy to draw the most logical of all robots, the possum!