Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blogging Drunk

So I'm drunk. What better time to update my blog??
Blugging drunk is actually pretty easy. If I was sober I'd think "no one would want to see these drawings, self." Hahahahaha. Here we go!

Any of these lined paper pads are while I'm drawing at work. Usually during meetings or while my computer is busy being an idiot or while I'm staring at someone. For this one, it's a bear with a looooong tongue.

I watch Claude while he animates small toys.

Claude had an ear ache this day. I drew a diagram of a netti pot. It's a wonderful, addictive device that pours water through your nose and makes all your sinus pains go away. But be careful! Tap water through the nose has lead to brain eating bacteria taking a trip to your big thinker. Death ensues!! Haha. Seriously, boil your water beforehand and then let it cool.

This is one of my favorite drawings of Claude. It captures the moment when I sing to him and he pretends not to hear me.

Some LBX Emperor anime character that someone likes.

Here's Leon really clicking fast on his mouse. The weirdest thing is there was nothing on his screen, oh well!

Computers are real dumb and take forever to do things - like render! Normally while my computer is sitting there I draw my grotesque hands.

An ok picture of Richard during a meeting. A terrible drawing of Chris. Chris you don't look like this drawing and I hope you never see it.

See those "V" shape drawings in the center of the page? They're boobs.

Eh I don't know why this one is here.

That Japanese roof thing is at the huntington gardens. A beautiful place to sit around and pretend you live in a land of beautiful plants and scenery.

A bunch of scribbles and a naked girl. Her boob is way to high up in her armpit.

Some tablet designs. The idea I was thinking was a sleek, rugged tablet for the business man that would replace a briefcase. But who carries briefcases anymore? Dumb idea.
The gem on this page is the quote in the top right corner "computers will understand whales." HAhHAHA. I don't know what I was smoking when I wrote that! Computers are stupid.

A mans face without the fleshy parts.

Ugh. I started drawing this at 3AM while watching Pain and Gain. Hence the large dwyane the rock Johnson face in the center. I actually tried gluing paper obver the face so I could draw more skulls. The whole time I was saying "this isn't going to work." Whelp...

Why did I put this one on here?

That's it buddies!!! Thanks for checking out my drunken blog! I really appreciate anyone spending a few seconds of their life to look at these pictures I try to make. I wish I could make them better or inspire you to make something better. Thanks buddy!