Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big Bang Theory RC

One of my ideas for a TBS commercial was for the cast of Big Bang Theory to use a remote to mind control the TBS logo. Turner liked the idea, when it came to shoot it, we needed a good mind control remote. My boss went to a store that has old and odd electronics. He brought back a cardboard box filled with thingamajigs. There was an old rotary phone, tube radio and other odds and ends. I took apart and gutted the phone and radio, screwed and glued pieces back together until the frankenstein device resembled a remote control:

Add some spray paint and a strap from a postal worker's bag:

BBT using the remote, whoooo hooo!! :

In 3D I rigged a little antennae to pop out of the TBS logo. Our master animator, Claude, brought the logo to life and made it look awesome! I'm not sure if the commercial has aired yet, if you've seen it, let me know!