Sunday, December 6, 2009

Upside Down Drawing Exercise

I had to look at an upside image and draw it upside down for this exercise. The point was to no longer think of the parts of the image as a hand or eye, but to look only at shapes and draw them in relation to each other. By drawing in this way I used my right brain almost completely. I know I was using my right brain because I no longer was hearing the music I was listening to and I lost all track of time. When I did switch to my left side of my brain I made mistakes in the drawing. I know I switched because I started thinking about the hands and the eye and how they function and fit on the forms. To think in that way is a left brain activity and since the drawing was upside down my left brain didn't understand the forms and the proof of my error is in the drawing.
First, I will post the reference below, a drawing done by Picasso. The next two images are my 1st and 2nd tries. Below them is a photo of Einstein and my drawing. Just to clarify, The Picasso and Einstein photo were upside down on my desk and I drew them upside down on my paper.